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Caring, committed, and compassionate, our teaching team has a wealth of experience and expertise, which they use to inspire young minds. They love working at Hamelin-Laie, too, staying with us in Barcelona for many years.


Hamelin-Laie’s teachers are experts at guiding and stretching each student at the right level – with care, finesse, and nuance. They'll get to know your child’s unique personality, build a strong relationship, and make sure they're seen and heard throughout their journey. 

Our holistic approach will ensure your child learns in a way that's personally suited to them. They’ll feel supported to pursue their passions and confident to push boundaries.
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Our dedicated team of educators hail from more than 20 countries, forming a tightknit international community that's fully invested in your child’s progress and growth.
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Mrs. Sarah Osborne-James
School Principal

As the Principal of Hamelin-Laie, I lead with a visionary and student-focused approach, adapting seamlessly to diverse situations through my strength in flexibility. With an active presence, I foster trust and collaboration among students, colleagues, and the community, emphasizing the importance of relationships. As a progressive educational thinker, I make decisions cantered on students, valuing the impactful tool of Student Voice.

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Mr. Fraser Halliwell
Head of Secondary

The focus of my working life has been creating conditions in schools to allow students to thrive in an uncertain world. I am acutely aware of the need now, more than ever, to support young people to become active and responsible global citizenship with strong values, an excellent academic foundation, and skills and attributes for world-readiness. 

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Mrs. Katie Belshaw
Head of Primary
The world of education is my life. It allows me to have a unique opportunity to contribute to the shaping of future generations. I feel extremely fortunate and proud to belong to the amazing team of humans at Hamelin-Laie International School Barcelona.
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Mrs. Samanta Sas
Director of Early Years
I’m delighted to offer students new learning opportunities and to help them develop all their talents.
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Reece Hay
Head of Boarding
I take great pride in the well-rounded, inclusive, and comprehensive education we offer. Our goal has always been to encourage every student to reach their full potential, and I’m dedicated to maintaining this positive ethos every day.
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Mrs. Sònia Sas
Pedagogical Director
It’s my passion to contribute to the holistic formation of future generations and to influence the fundamental values of good citizens of the world through kindness, gratitude, and honesty. I hope to help them build a solid and ethical cultural background that develops their thinking, both critically and creatively. This is what motivates me, as the engine of my work.


At Hamelin-Laie, we carefully select our teachers based on their expertise, passion, and commitment to inspiring young minds. Our educators are masters at tailoring instruction to each child and upholding the highest standards.

This is because they never stop learning. They continually hone and upgrade their skills through professional development training that keeps them at the forefront of educational best practice. Nord Anglia’s award-winning platform, Nord Anglia University, also provides expert tools and resources, as well as opportunities to share ideas with teachers worldwide.
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The quality of teaching at Hamelin-Laie inspires our students to be their best.
How do we support our educators to maintain these fantastic teaching standards?
  • Collaborative performance reviews enable our team to regularly evaluate and reflect on their progress – what’s working and what can be improved – so we can make upgrades and deliver our best.
  • Our teachers take advantage of top resources and cutting-edge approaches on the award-winning Nord Anglia University platform.
  • Faculty meetings give our team the time and space to refine how we’re delivering our curriculum, allowing us to maintain best practice.
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We're committed to innovation at Hamelin-Laie. All our classrooms are equipped with interactive smartboards and technology that brings learning to life.

Our teachers will track your child’s progress using market-leading apps, like Google Classrooms, a collaborative digital space where students can take the lead to show their learning. Google Classrooms also gives you, our parents, an insight into their child’s education. You'll also receive regular updates through Clickedu and a weekly newsletter.
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Are you interested in helping our global citizens build a toolbox for life? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’re a passionate teacher, you can join our thriving international school community in Barcelona, where you'll help our students make their mark on the world.

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No two days are ever the same at Hamelin-Laie, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our lively community. Get in touch with our friendly admissions team today.

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