At Hamelin-Laie International School Barcelona, our Bachillerato Nacional diploma programme shapes our students as active participants in their learning. Through our curriculum, our students build a variety of academic, critical thinking, personal, and value-based skills to guide their decisions. And with great motivation, they get ready for success at university in Spain and beyond.
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The Bachillerato NACIONAL

Through our Bachillerato Nacional diploma programme, we strengthen:
  • students’ academic performance by boosting their motivation, confidence, and wellbeing.
  • students’ individual talents and strengths, leading to their best academic results.
  • critical thinking, deductive reasoning, forming arguments, and the connecting of ideas and content.
  • students' participation in the classroom, as a way of building their knowledge.
  • their contributions to the community through service activities and beyond.
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All our students benefit by sharing and learning from each other's perspectives and insights. To foster various aspects of their critical thinking, they actively participate in classroom discussions as a central part of each learning experience. They might examine different approaches and arguments, collaborate with a team, or add their questions, ideas, and arguments into the classroom.

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As part of the assessment process, students create a portfolio that serves as a collective showcase of their knowledge. They document what they’ve learned in various media like oral tests, exercises, debates, exams, and projects.

Through active participation and the creation of a portfolio of knowledge, students gain a deeper understanding of their subjects and great experience applying their skills across critical thinking, collaboration, and more.

Our National Baccalaureate results through the years:
Year  Average access mark    Highest mark
 2019  7.312  8.770
 2020  7.70  9.502
 2021  7.81  9.486
 2022  7.337  9.008
 2023  7.983 9.342 


Whether they’re expressing creativity, getting active on the sports field, or giving back to our community, our students enjoy a great range of learning experiences.
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Nourishing wellbeing
During tutor time, our students become revitalised through mindfulness activities and wellbeing chats that help them connect with themselves and each other – and keep any stress at bay. After, they become ready to meet any challenge!
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Nourishing wellbeing
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Let's consider different possibilities
Our students work through a variety of discussions, following techniques that stimulate their full range of critical thinking – asking ‘what if?’ and ‘how could it be?’. They form their own arguments and ponder connections between their ideas and the facts.
Let's consider different possibilities
Personal time
Every week includes open periods, when students can choose to use their time however they’d like! This is an important time to focus on personal interests. They can practice sports or languages, study alone or with a group, or simply enjoy some time relaxing.
Personal time
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Ready for the future
Which university should I go to? And what course should I study? Our expert university counsellors guide students and their parents through these big decisions and the application process. They also focus on sharpening skills they’ll use in the world, from budgeting to time management.
Ready for the future
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Applying what we know
Our science students put their skills to the test by conducting different experiments, solving complex physics problems, or dissecting an animal in biology. As inquirers, they consider what they already know and drive new questions through their research.
Applying what we know
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Giving back
There's no shortage of mentorship opportunities for our eldest students, whether they’re helping other students in our ‘buddy programme’ or completing their own CAS projects. They lead by example and happily help our community – boosting their values and confidence.
Giving back


Among our international community of over 45 nationalities learning English, Spanish, and Catalan, we’ll inspire your child to have an open-minded worldview and to make their mark in our globalised world – whatever they choose to be or do in life.

More about academic excellence
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