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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the language of instruction?
    English is our primary language of instruction and students benefit from trilingual learning with both Spanish and Catalan embedded into the curriculum. 
  • What languages do you teach?
    In addition to English, Spanish and Catalan, students have the choice of French, German or Mandarin. And our IBDP students can choose from Spanish, Russian or Mandarin. 
  • Is lunch included?

    Yes! Our in-house catering team serves fresh and delicious lunches for all of our students and staff. This is included in the school fees for students in Early years to lower secondary (4th ESO) as well as our boarders. 

    Have a lunch provided by the school or IBDP and Bachillerato is optional for students and can be purchased as they wish. 

  • What excursions and trips do you run?
    Your child will enjoy life-changing day and residential trips that take them to incredible places Spain and beyond. These include global Nord Anglia expeditions, such as our trip to Tanzania, where our students grow in confidence and independence, and make lifelong friendships. We also offer ski trips in the mountains, excursions to galleries and museums, and so much more.
  • Can my child start at anytime?
    We accept applications year round and your child can start at any time during the academic year. 
  • Do you offer boarding?
    Yes, we offer boarding for students ages 14 to 18 years old. Our safe, secure, and happy community is like a family, where students receive 24/7 care, support and attention they need to thrive. 
  • What curriculum do you teach?
    We offer the Spanish National curriculum for students in early years right to lower secondary. 
    In the final two years of secondary, we offer the IBDP and the Nacional Bachillerato. 
  • Do you have a bus service?
    Yes, we have several bus routes throughout Barcelona to and from our school. 
  • Do students wear a uniform?

    Our Early Years to lower secondary students wear a smart and comfortable uniform, which gives them a sense of belonging and community. Our IBDP and Nacional Bachillerato students can dress as they like.

    You can purchase our uniforms at our school shop.

  • Do you provide before and after school care for children?

    Yes, we’re happy to offer a before and after school care for our younger students Monday to Friday. 

    Childcare is provided by our fantastic onsite team. Please note that there is an additional charge for this service. 

  • How do you communicate with parents?
    We keep in touch with parents in all sorts of ways. We have a whole school e-newsletter that goes out each week. We also have a parent portal where parents can log in and see updates from the school. Of course, our Directors are always available to answer any questions you have.
  • Where is the school located?

    We’re located in the safe, friendly and beachside town of Montgat, just 20 minutes from the centre of Barcelona.

    Our address is: Ronda 8 de Març, 178, 08390 Montgat, Barcelona.