Students at Hamelin-Laie International School Barcelona are a genuine force for good. Whether they're leading the way to increase our sustainability or supporting an important cause through fundraising, they take a hands-on approach to problem-solving in our community.
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Our students work with local and global organisations to focus on important causes, such as supporting those in need through food drives, toy collections, and school fundraisers. These service projects help them build character and embody school values, like respect and kindness.
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At Hamelin-Laie, we want our students to have an open-minded worldview. Enhancing their global awareness becomes a key aspect of this, including how they connect with and help others. 

On Human Rights Day and World Peace Day, our students lead their own classroom activities and assemblies. They also get involved in our Nord Anglia collaboration with UNICEF to support causes worldwide. Some have the opportunity to even participate in the UNICEF Summit at the United Nations in New York, where they show tremendous leadership as they speak about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
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By secondary school, our students shape our community by acting in leadership roles or taking initiative to apply their skills and talents in useful ways. They become Students Ambassadors, Service Leaders, Student Council Leaders, and UNICEF Ambassadors. Some also act as world-changers in Model United Nations, where they share their thoughts on pressing global issues.

Our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) students also create and lead projects with communities, as part of the 'CAS' (Creativity, Activity, Service) component of the diploma. Through CAS projects, they showcase their leadership as active community members in the world.
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Our annual Nord Anglia international service trip to Arusha, Tanzania is a thrilling opportunity that combines our students’ global awareness with their values and leadership. From the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, they can work with peers from across the world on vital community building projects, where they also learn about the environment and sustainability.

A truly unforgettable experience, this trip to Tanzania boosts our students’ confidence and independence, as part of their social purpose.
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At Hamelin-Laie, our students’ experiences in and beyond the classroom help them build a toolbox for life. Your child will have everything they need to follow their passions and build the confidence to push boundaries or challenge themselves – preparing for life after school.

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