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12 April, 2023


Girls taking picture together

The Tanzania Seeway Expedition is a life changing experience and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the local communities and villages around Maji ya Chai, in the Arusha region of Tanzania.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to be ambitious and challenge themself through a unique and highly enjoyable programme, designed to enable them to grow personally and emotionally. Hamelin Laie International School joined the Social Impact program promoted by Nord Anglia Education this year. It was a great opportunity to expand and complement the Emotional Education and Values program developed by the school.

The Nord Anglia Education group works with various local organizations in Tanzania to offer support to ongoing projects designed by community members themselves. Expedition trips to Tanzania are life-changing experiences that provide students with experiential learning in an inspiring and nurturing environment. Students had the opportunity to consider the magnitude of problems in communities around the world, understand the value of local community leadership, recognize that collaboration is an effective way to achieve a goal, and believe that they have the power to become agents of change. They had the opportunity to connect with other Nord Anglia students and learn from members of the local community in Tanzania.

The first of these exciting expeditions took place a few weeks ago. Led by the Nord Anglia group, a limited number of our students joined the Tanzania Expedition and provided service to a local community, took part in a safari, and had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our students had an amazing days!