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28 April, 2023



The primary objective of this summit is to advance the education strategy while focusing on the vision of the Social Impact Programme.


The primary objective of this summit is to advance the education strategy while focusing on the vision of the Social Impact Programme. Through a diverse range of activities and initiatives, it aims to foster the development of students’ leadership and advocacy skills, empowering them to make a positive impact on society. The summit provides a platform for students to immerse themselves in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), cultivating a deep understanding of these global challenges.

Furthermore, this event serves as a unique opportunity for students and professionals from around the world to convene and collaborate, employing innovative solutions to address major societal issues. By encouraging student involvement and influence within their respective school communities, the summit has the potential to significantly enhance engagement levels.

Nord Anglia-UNICEF Summit 2023

The Nord Anglua-UNICEF Summit 2023 endeavors to achieve several notable outcomes. Firstly, it seeks to influence school communities through the implementation of SDG-focused programmes. By incorporating the SDGs into their educational frameworks, schools can effectively cultivate a generation of socially conscious leaders.

Moreover, the summit aims to foster the development of leadership experience among participating students. Through engaging in a multitude of activities and workshops, attendees will have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, equipping them with the tools necessary to enact meaningful change.

Another significant outcome is the establishment of international relationships with peers from Nord Anglia schools across the globe. By connecting with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, attendees will broaden their perspectives and foster global collaboration, contributing to a more interconnected world.

Additionally, the summit aims to develop the learner ambitions of the participants, fostering traits such as critical thinking, creativity, compassion, commitment, curiosity, and collaboration. These essential attributes will equip students with real-world skills and a profound understanding of societal issues.

Leadership development is also a key focus of the summit. Through various sessions and workshops, participants will gain valuable insights into project planning, implementation, evaluation, and impact measurement. This comprehensive skill set will enable students to spearhead initiatives effectively and assess their outcomes accurately.

This summit will take place in July at the UNICEF headquarters in New York, with students from 90 Nord Anglia schools worldwide.

Congratulations Xavier and Astrid!

In order to attend the summit, students had to submit a project outlining how to integrate the SDG goals into the curriculum. We received over 15 projects, and there were 2 winners. We want to congratulate each and every participant, and especially Xavier Martorell and Astrid Castelli, both from the 1 IB Diploma, for being the contest winners. They have demonstrated great commitment and presented excellent projects.